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Click here for a copy of the Department of Labor’s questionnaire for use in selecting a plan advisor:  “Selecting and Monitoring Pension Consultants – Tips For Plan Fiduciaries”

Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors is an independent consulting firm that creates comprehensive retirement programs for mid-size companies and municipal governments. We provide practical, actionable guidance to those responsible for managing their organization’s retirement plans. Our founder, W. Michael Montgomery, AIF, CLU, CFS, TGPC has served the needs of retirement plan sponsors since 1977, first as a successful regional manager for leading retirement plan providers, and now advising plan sponsors as an independent consultant.

Based in Tampa, Florida, we serve retirement plan clients in multiple states, assisting with the 401(k) plans of for-profit corporations as well as 401(a) and 457(b) plans for Florida municipalities. As the regulations governing 403(b) programs for non-profits recently have changed dramatically, we also work closely with tax-exempt employers to safely address their heightened fiduciary responsibilities.

On September 23rd, 2009, Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors became one of the first consulting firms nationally, and the only firm on the West Coast of Florida, to successfully complete the independent CEFEX certification process as an investment advisor. In their news release, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence comments that, “Their ongoing commitment to operating their firm in accordance with a Global Standard of Fiduciary Excellence is of tremendous benefit to their clients, their company and the entire retirement industry."

We are committed to offering only the highest level of advisory services. Our Managing Principal, Mike Montgomery, has over 33 years of specialized experience in the retirement plan field and has worked with many hundreds of plans across the U.S. He has earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation, awarded by the Center for Fiduciary Studies, and is Past President of he Florida West Coast Employee Benefits Council.

Most of our clients are not seeking a change in their retirement plan provider, but want an expert on their side of the table assuring transparency of fees and identifying fiduciary gaps or potential vendor conflicts of interest. Our goal is to preserve a plan sponsor’s relationship with their current plan provider whenever possible. We approach our advisory services from the perspective of the employer, functioning as your guide and advocate, and working closely with your attorneys, accountants and auditors. When a full vendor search does become necessary, we can quarterback the entire process from RFP design to implementation.

Our plan sponsor Services

  • Help you make sense out of complex regulations, investments and contracts.
  • Reduce the workload of administering your plan.
  • Demonstrate fiduciary due diligence through a document trail.
  • Disclose and manage total plan costs.
  • Mitigate the personal fiduciary liabilities of executives.
  • Address participant concerns during market turmoil.
  • Provide expert fund evaluation by an independent third party.
  • Help reduce plan operational errors.
  • Assist employees with asset allocation decisions.
  • Enhance employee participation and understanding.
  • Increase the employees’ perceived value of their retirement plans.

Flexible Service Structure
Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors, Inc. is:

  • Independent of all service providers.
  • Able to deal with virtually any 401(k) service provider or selection of mutual funds.
  • Capable of servicing your current retirement plan programs if you want to retain your product provider but replace your current broker with our specialized services.
  • Committed to accepting no "soft dollar" compensation from providers or investment companies.

We also provide market research, pricing studies and training services to retirement plan providers. If you are a retirement plan provider looking for information on the consulting and training services of Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors, please click on the Services to Retirement Plan Providers link on our home page.

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Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors offers investment advisory services through Independent Financial Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor. Independent Financial Partners and Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors are separate entities.