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We offer carefully tailored retirement plan guidance to employers and their investment committees in clear, actionable terms.

Independent Fiduciary Services

MRPA is an independent, fee-based consulting firm dedicated exclusively to employer sponsored retirement plans. Formed in 2004, we serve as an ERISA investment fiduciary to your plan and work alongside those responsible for managing their organization’s retirement programs. Our clients rely on us to be an indispensable advisor on matters of retirement plan governance, so they don’t have to go solo on plan oversight.

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Our Guiding Principles

  1. Everything we do can be improved.
  2. Honesty is non-negotiable.
  3. We strive to do one thing very, very well.
  4. We simplify the complex.
  5. Employee success has a generational impact.
  6. The best consultants are good educators.
  7. Professional growth should be constant.
  8. Great work often is done when no one is watching.
  9. We will lead in advancing industry best practices.
  10. This is not about us.

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