Workplace Financial Wellness

To employees, the retirement plan is just a piece of the financial puzzle.

Your Employees are Unique

Everyone is different. Employees respond to different motivators and make decisions their own way. Repeating a single approach to employee engagement usually gets great results with some employees but falls flat with others.

MRPA uses behavioral finance principles to lower barriers to retirement readiness and help employees help themselves. Our team works to introduce tools and strategies that fit your employees’ distinct needs, learning styles and stages of life.

Financial Wellness

To employees, the retirement plan is just one piece of the financial puzzle. Those who are worried about college savings, credit card debt, or coping with a financial emergency may not be fully focused either on tomorrow’s retirement or today’s job responsibilities. We can help you develop a program that goes beyond retirement plan basics to promote holistic financial wellness to guide employees toward better retirement outcomes.

Our Approach:

  • Develop a coordinated employee engagement policy and strategy
  • Integrate tools and resources offered by your plan service provider
  • Leverage online and smart phone apps to simplify employee decisions
  • Coordinate effective group education meetings
  • Offer broad financial education workshops
  • Counsel employees one-on-one
  • Provide participant advice (serving in a fiduciary capacity)
  • Access additional specialized tools with proven track records

MRPA is one of fewer than 100 retirement plan consulting firms to be CEFEX® certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence for their capabilities and fiduciary practices. We are voluntarily reviewed on an annual basis by CEFEX, generally through a rigorous on-site examination, to certify our compliance with fiduciary best practices, including potential conflicts of interest.

The Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors continues its commitment to the industry best fiduciary practices. Of particular note is their willingness to assist plan sponsor clients in designing and implementing a customized retirement plans for their employees with the best mix of funds and other service providers. The Advisor excels in its frequent monitoring and analysis of existing funds in the lineup. The Advisor proactively replaces funds which for one reason or another become less beneficial to the participants. The Advisor continues to pro-actively adjust his practice as the retirement plan landscape continues to evolve in a way that best serves the interests of its clients.”

Our Awards and Recognitions

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CEFEX-certified as an Advisor 9/23/2009
"Through CEFEX’s independent assessment, the certification provides assurance to investors… that Montgomery Retirement Plan Advisors has demonstrated adherence to the industry’s best fiduciary practices."
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